NMS System

The Nemesis NMS system was designed to manage entire DOCSIS cable television networks, provide graphical interface for administrative and system administration functions, develop competitive services, manage integrated Internet and VoIP services, as well as to directly configure and monitor network devices. The interface, being able to communicate in several languages, completely hides the complicated system of Docsis networks from the users. The operational procedures are uniform, easy to handle, logged and protected by corresponding access levels, thereby improving the efficiency, drastically decreasing the number of errors and the time spent on andministration and debugging. The system in itself is complete as a whole, however, it is able to connect to ERP software or even to external VoIP Call Agent systems via its various interfaces.

Highlights of the Nemesis modules, services and functions

  • Full-scale master data registers (Client, terminal point, modem, MTA, CMTS, settlement, etc.)
  • Management of IP networks (dynamic/fixed IP networks, network groups, IP filters, NAT)
  • Freely configurable QoS profiles, packages, profile schedulers, and many other CoS management
  • E-mail, FTP and WEB hosting management
  • Support of operation by means of diagnostics circular mails, diagrams and charts
  • Detailed logging of modem and CMTS related technical and traffic data, their access via diagrams and charts
  • Direct configurability of CMTS devices (modulation, frequency, power level...), query of extensive information
  • Management of extensive database statistics, analyses, queries
  • Measurement of client data traffic, query site for clients, traffic-based bandwidth restrictions to an optional extent
  • Full-scale transaction logging, e-mail notice for administrators, various access levels for users
  • Advanced search and filtering techniques, standard searches, management of saved quicklists
  • VoIP support, management of phone numbers, MTA provisioning, reduced performance Call Agent for internal testing
  • XML-based control interface for the system, through which an external invoicing software can also control the complete network