The primary objective of the monitoring system is to control the continuous operation of the DVB, analogue and IPTV based television networks, and to give an alert in case of fault. The system continuously measures the network parameters and displays the measured data in charts, which is adapted for detecting network irregularities, trend analysis and for proactive error prevention. Basic measurements are performed by a continuously running background software, which cyclically scans the transport streams, TV channels and IPTV streams on frequencies defined in a given configuration file, performs measurements and stores the results in a continuously updated measurement record file.

Measured parameters

DVB Transport Stream Basic Measurements:
  • measurement of signal strength
  • measurement of signal to noise ratio (SNR)
  • tuner status (frontend status)
  • measurement of locked condition
  • measurement of bit error rate
  • measurement of uncorrected errors
DVB Transport Stream Analysis:
  • measurement of bit rates
IPTV measurements
  • measurement of PID bit rates
Analogue TV Measurements
  • Analogue signal level measurement (AGC)
  • AFC measurement
  • Video content measurement
  • Natural image content analysis
  • Analysis of multiple pictures in time

Other parameters:

  • PC architecture
  • Linux platform
  • Minimal system resource requirement
  • Scalability
  • Customizability
  • Remote management and query
  • Easy to use