Own-developed, complex
central database driven

The EPG solution enables the users of the television networks to browse the television programmes besides displaying the video and audio signals on their set-top-boxes. The user is continuously informed about the current and future programmes. It is possible to view the start time and the titles of the programmes, their brief descriptions, and other information such as the age limit, and the programme type. The received data enable the implementation of a simple and user friendly set-top-box user interface, because besides obtaining information about the programmes like from TV program papers, the users may benefit from further convenient functions of the EPG, like simpler programing of recordings, or easy setting of parental control.

  • Maximum stability and availability
  • Minimal system resource requirements
  • Good scalability
  • Opportunity for managing multiple headends
  • Supported IP and ASI output
  • Simple installation
EPG module:
  • EIT descriptors
  • Bandwidth control
  • Possibility for EPG in multiple languages
  • Automatic generation of long and short descriptions
  • Barker channel
  • Possibility for shared channels
  • Possibility for truncated descriptions
  • Display of program break
SI/PSI module:
  • Flexibly changeable DVB tables
  • VOD and PPV support